The Farm

farm at sunsetWhat a beautiful basket of eggs!Deanne (the border collie) watching over the laying flockBeef cow herd Becky making granolaMarlie in the kitchenBrittany and the ducklingsFluffy napping in a nesting boxdove's nest in the blackberry bramblesKhaki Cambells - free-floatersKhaki Campbell laying duckFennelthe farm at sunsetGeorge dries off a newbornDoug Lucas with a nice bassenjoying the farmZoe finds eggs!Mama and babyblackberries and crimson cloverbeef cows grazingcattle grazing in the early morningpecan tassels the farm in the eveningSweet PeaHoneysuckleHoneysuckleSweet PeaHoneysuckleOur family many years ago