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Pastured Heritage Pork

Pastured Heritage Pork

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Heritage hogs are prized for their flavor and tenderness.  The meat is a dark pink and delicious! It is definitely different than "the other white meat".

You will notice a big difference between the usual tasteless grocery store pork, raised in confinement, heavily treated with antibiotics and growth hormones, and our pasture raised, medication-free pork. 

Living a life in the sunshine and fresh air, foraging according to their behavioral instincts, our hogs live the life pigs ought to live. 

We sell our pork in half-hog shares.  They generally run between 55 and 60 pounds of meat, but varies with the size of the animal butchered.  You will get a ham (whole, cut into roasts, or cut into steaks), pork chops, bacon, ribs, a couple of roasts, and sausage.  Please see our additional information sheet on what to expect from your share.