Fishing Club Contract

2015 Fishing Club Contract

This is a catch and release lake in regard to bass over 12 inches long. 

The purpose of this is to grow trophy bass.  Each year you may keep one trophy you want to have mounted. 

Bass 12 inches and under can be kept.  

Vehicles are to be driven only on the established drives. Do not drive or park near or under trees.  

No littering, trash, cigarette butts, etc.  

Electric motors only on the lake.  

Each member may bring one fishing visitor per trip while member is present.  On special occasions a member may bring more than one guest or may wish to have a family cookout, etc.  It is necessary to make prior arrangements with the lake management when having such an occasion.  

When possible, an annual letter will be sent, lining out the biologist’s limit rules.  All members are required to strictly observe those rules.  

Lake can be fished by walking the banks, or by boat powered either by electric motor or by human power(kayak, canoe, or other paddled boat).   

Membership dues cover a period from March 1 through the end of February. 

The management reserves the right not to renew the contract.  

Fishing during daylight hours only.  Here again, exceptions can be made if requested.  

No live bait.  

Each member assumes his own liability insurance and, in signing this contract, releases the lake management from any liability.  

The lake owners reserve the right for family members and personal guests to fish.     

The management will:

  • Take measures to protect the lake from poaching
  • Manage the lake in cooperation with our fisheries biologist, to ensure the best possible fishing for club members.
  • Make every effort to provide the opportunity for a quality family experience for all fishing club members.