Pecan Point Farm and Creamery

This is a farm of many faces, all that join together to make it into the living, growing organism that we call Pecan Point Farm.
  • Grade A Dairy and Creamery
  • Pecan Orchard
  • Grass-fed Beef Ranch
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Apiary (Honey Production)
  • Egg Laying (both chicken and duck) Operation


 In the quiet little town of Hurtsboro, in east central Alabama, is a hundred forty-five acre farm.  A stout old orchard—green with foliage in the spring, heavy with pecans in the fall—provides shade to lush pastures, and the backdrop to a bream- and bass-filled lake.  Becky Ward-Rogers and her husband George make their home here, and manage this farm as a complex system of interdependent parts.  Chickens and ducks; cows, pigs, and honeybees; ladybugs and clover and people alike—all players, from large to small, depend on and benefit from their mutual association.  

You might start with the clover, which fixes nitrogen in the soil for the grasses and trees, and offers up its nectar for our industrious little honeybees.  Now the bees, as thanks, pollinate blooms of clover for reseeding.  And the cattle, well, for their part: They graze in the shade of the canopy, growing fat among the stands on tall stalks of grass, letting light reach down to the clover growing below.  

Oh, the chickens. They roam freely. Hunting and pecking for fly larva and insects. Laying eggs with yolks the colors of ripe pumpkins in the garden.   

Like the chickens, our Jersey cows never fail to greet the morning. Each week their milk pours full and frothy into our Grade A yogurt tank, and turns out smooth and mild with a sweet cream top.  

Pecans just fallen in autumn. Frames of honey uncapped only this past summer. Organic oats rolled fresh in winter’s frigid morning air. All mixed in a small kitchen—a hot oven, a gentle touch—to bake a granola our family never tires of.   

This is Pecan Point Farm. We hope you’ll become part of our circle. Nourished, too, by the good wholesome food that grows on this little Alabama farm.  


What's Fresh

2017 Farm tour date November 5

Oct 8th, 2017

Our 2017 farm tour is scheduled for November 5th at 2 pm CST.  In the event of bad weather it will be moved to November 12th.  


Beyond Basic Oatmeal

Apr 20th, 2016

As many of you know, here at the farm we have a specialized piece of equipment we had custom made in Canada just for rolling oats.  That’s right, we don’t buy pre-rolled oats.  W