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    We set aside Saturday afternoons from 2 pm cst until 4 pm for informal farm visits. Please call ahead, 334-667-6902. We also do two farm tours each year - one in spring and one in summer. We had our 2014 Spring Farm Tour in early June and thanks to everyone who showed up! The level of interest and enthusiasm was amazing. There were more than 100 people checking out what we do here at the farm. We're glad to see so much interest in alternative agriculture here in the the river valley. The cows were really good and made us proud. Next tour should be this fall - come join us!

  • Internships are available for individuals wanting to become involved in and learn from the day-to-day workings of the farm. Internships can be structured to include on-farm housing.

Where The Green Grass Grows

In the quiet little town of Hurtsboro in east central Alabama is a 145 acre farm with beautiful shady pecan trees and lush pastures surrounding a small fish filled lake. Becky Ward-Rogers and George Rogers have their home here and intentionally manage the farm as a production system, made of many parts. There is the pecan orchard, and the small herd of Red Angus cattle, but this is only the beginning of the story of this complex family farm. All of the players on the farm (humans, cows, chickens, ducks, honeybees and ladybugs, and more) depend on and benefit from their mutual association. The pecan trees utilize the nitrogen fixed in the soil by the clover in the pastures, the honeybees take nectar from the clover and while doing so pollinate the clover blooms for reseeding, the cattle graze the grasses which allows sunlight to the lower growing clover, yielding more nitrogen this time for the grasses. Chickens roam freely to help destroy fly larva and other insects, turning them into the best eggs you can imagine. Pecan trees shade the grazing herd. Jersey cows greet the morning giving the quality milk that only comes from a grass-fed herd. Pecans and honey are combined with freshly rolled oats and baked in the small commercial kitchen.
"I've never really tried granola but it was a gift so I gave it a shot. I'm hooked. It was SO GOOD...... Martha
"This is the best granola anywhere, hands down! I have it on everything: oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, ice cream. Go ahead and get several boags, because one won't do. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff." Mary Ellen Hendrix, Auburn, Alabama